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[Freegis-list] FREEMAP

[Freegis-list] FREEMAP

Adrian Vance Custer acuster at
Fri May 19 19:36:42 CEST 2000

Hey here's another discussion we need to have. How do we set up a suitable
stucture so that we can slowly map the world with GPS. This is tied to
gis but is really about metatdata and components.

I have GPS'ed the most accurate map in the world of a tiny little area of
Africa (Pawe Special Woreda, Metekel Zone, Benishangul-Gumuz National Regional
State, Ethiopia or 36degEast 11degNorth). For anyone else to use it though they have to:
- believe me
- be able to check me (e.g. many returns to same spot of different days; survey
of a known spot...)
- use my data until they get something better and then replace my data.

The free gis community needs to come up with a well documented way of building
up data sets from many disparate pieces and being able to cross check the
pieces and discard those that don't fit or update pieces with newer ones. I'm
thinking of a cvs of gps data or some such thing.


acuster at

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