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AiToi v0.8  GPL

| [AUTHOR: ]  Arturo Espinosa <arturo at nuclecu.unam.mx>

| This program is a map browser, which takes the visual information
| from the publicly available Guia Roji site. It is subject to the
| limitations of Guia Roji: the maps are simple gif files, with no
| meta information available whatsoever. Sou you can only see the
| streets, and not much else. There's a database relating every image
| with the streets and neighbourhoods in it, so you can search for
| them and get the corresponding map square.
| The cities available are those Guia Roji provides on-line:
| Guadalajara, Monterrey and Mexico City, but if you scan the maps
| from your own city in the right way you can make AiToi browse your
| city too.
| Browse Mexico City, Guadalajara or Monterrey, with 3 levels of zoom.
| Download the information from the Internet as you navigate, keeping
| a permanent copy in your disk. Back and forward history buttons,
| like a web browser. Direct entry, navigation buttons or clickable
| view window make a very intuitive browsing. Much faster than the
| original site, providing a frontend for the search system too.
| Most people whine about GNOME applications requiring too many
| libraries to compile. You need gnome-libs, glade, libglade, python,
| pygtk, pygnome, pygtk-libglade and pygnome-libglade installed to run
| this thing, and that is without counting those dependencies below
| gnome-libs. But, that's exactly what made it easy for me to create
| this elegant 1215-line program with a high level of abstraction.
| You need python-1.5.2 to run this program. It is not guaranteed to
| work with python-1.6.x or 2.x. Even if Python 2.1 has already come
| up, I'm still using version 1.5.2 because of licensing issues.

It looks like the maps which are used over the internet by default
are proprietory. I cannot read the Spanish disclaimer, though.

Interesting is the TODO list:

    * With the canvas, allow adding marks and paths over the images,
    * and save to a file so you can share the info with others.
    * Create centralized server, where you can upload your marks,
    * for others to see.


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