[Freegis-list] USArmy TEC survey of terrain vis software

Jerry Isdale isdale at hrl.com
Mon Aug 4 23:20:15 CEST 2003

This recent survey does include a couple free/semi-free packages, but 
pretty much ignores FreeGIS.
Still  it might be useful to the readers for comparison 
(price/performance ratio is hard to compute 8-)


Dated 15 July 2003,

*INTRODUCTION:*  The Data Representation Branch (DRB) of the U.S.
Army Topographic Engineering Center (TEC) conducts exploratory
development to provide the U.S. Army and DoD with more effective
methods of merging, visualizing and analyzing battlefield terrain and
environmental information.  Concurrent with this ongoing research, DRB
strives to maintain awareness of relevant commercial products and
industry's internal research and development activities where possible,
in order to identify technology gaps and emerging capabilities of
interest.  This report is intended to function as a survey of available
terrain visualization hardware and software.  (A separate document that
gives an overview of commercial software products for map composition
is also available from TEC.)

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