[Freegis-list] ArcView - Exporting spatial data

Ahmed mubashar at adelaide.on.net
Tue Aug 19 02:16:01 CEST 2003

Can anybody help me if there is an easy way to export (as a spreadsheet) the spatial coordinates of a points shapefile from ArcView?

What I want is three columns output:

Point ID, Latitude (DD or DMS), Longitude (DD or DMS) if shapefile is in geographic coordinates/projection

Point ID, Easting (metres), Northings (metres) if shapefile is in local projection/datum, etc.

This information is required to assist field teams when using a GPS to locate corresponding ground points.

Also, is there an easy formula or a worksheet to quickly convert above DD coordinates to DMS?


PS. I tried an extension that converts point shapefile to dxf and then edited the dxf file as a text file to find all the coordinates but it takes too long if there are too many points. Also I had to manually convert DDs to DMS...
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