[Freegis-list] [ANN] WKB4J 1.0 RC1

David Garnier david.garnier at etudier-online.com
Sun Aug 31 11:13:20 CEST 2003


I'm happy to announce that WKB4J 1.0 RC1 has been released.

WKB4J is a Java library designed to read the Well-Known Binary (WKB)
format from a database (like PostGIS) and transform this data into
corresponding Java objects. It supports several different GIS toolkits
(JTS, PostGIS, OpenMap) and it is very easy to add support for another

WKB4J is lean and mean, meaning that speed and reduced memory footprint
were the primary design goals: I developed interesting performance tests
which show that accross the board, WKB4J is 15 to 25 times faster than
the equivalent WKT reader: http://wkb4j.sourceforge.net/benchmark.html

The website is over there: http://wkb4j.sourceforge.net. You can
download it from here:

>From my point of view, WKB4J is ready for prime time, i.e. a 1.0
release. However I'm holding back this 1.0 release because I don't think
that it has been tested on enough computers. I developed a complete set
of tests and they all work quite well on my own box, but I'd like to
make sure that it also work on most platforms. Of course there is still
a few rough spots in documentation and such, but that's minor compared
to the previous problems. So basically, what I'm saying is "Please,
could you give it a try?". The documentation shows how to use the
library. Thanks in advance.

The best place to discuss about WKB4J and ask questions is the
wkb4j-users at lists.sourceforge.net mailing list, because these mails are
automatically archived and available through the web.

Best Regards,
David Garnier <david.garnier at etudier-online.com>

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