[Freegis-list] Is there a GIS that query directly MySQL for data ?

Pierre-Michel THEVENY theveny at dt.insu.cnrs.fr
Mon Oct 20 15:56:56 CEST 2003


I m a newbie in GIS and I m looking for a GIS who is capable to query directly a 
database like Oracle or MySql to get data to plot.

I have 3 external MySQL database with in the first some satelite images i want to use 
as background, and two other with localized data such as temperature, aso...

So i d like the GIS to directly do the SELECT commands to the 3 database to query the 
needed information, without having to select and import the data manualy into files 
before importing them in the GIS.

This could be done directly, or by scripting in some language into the GIS

Is someone know a such kind of GIS ?

Thank you very much for your help

PM Theveny

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