[Freegis-list] OGC SVG Client

Maurizio Napolitano napo at itc.it
Thu Oct 30 11:17:18 CET 2003

Il mar, 2003-10-28 alle 09:55, Alexander Zipf ha scritto:
> any hints?
> we are looking mainly fo java/javascript/python solutions, I know about
> OpenSvgMapServer, but we are not looking for a php-solution.
> Thank you very much
> alexander zipf

Probably geoserver is the right answer for you
but ... use the Adobe SVG plugin to display the maps

... if you want you can find a solution by using gistoolkit
The last version can export the data in SVG.

I'm sure that you can find the same solution by using the
Vividsolutions products like "JTS" and "JUMP" with "Batik"
(from the apache project) and have the same result.

In this time i'm very interested about this, if you want
we can work togheter.


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