[Freegis-list] Unable to edit shapefiles converted from autocad drawings

Bush Ahmed bush at sunenv.com.au
Thu Oct 30 08:50:17 CET 2003

1. I can add an Autocad drawing or dxf drawing (or parts thereof) as a theme
to a view in the ArcView. I can't edit these. However even when I convert
these to a shapefile under Theme menu, I still am unable to edit the
resulting shapefile. The Start Editing... commands are still greyed out. I
find this a real pain. I am forced to use a very 'unfriendly' Autocad
program to edit the drawing before adding it to ArcView again.

2. The annotation (text) which comes in Autocad or dxf drawing is visible
(added as theme) in ArcView but I can't edit or move it, nor can I convert
it to a shapefile. Its 'position' gets converted as a 'line' instead.

I frequently need to convert drawings from agd66 to gda94 and the ability to
edit vector data or annotation (e.g. contours values) will help greatly.

Can you help please?


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