[Freegis-list] Free Gis CDROM - Morphix

Sajith VK sajithvk at hotpop.com
Thu Jan 8 15:21:38 CET 2004

	I am sajith vk, from India. We are working to 
make a free Gis users group here and work is in progress.
When we shown the power of available free Gis softwares
(GRASS, thuban, mapserver etc), several persons (and even
institutes) are interested.
	We tried to distribute the freegis CDROM. Its good
for demonstration, but AFAIK, harddisk installation is very hard.
So we created one based on morphix. It now contains GRASS, thuban,
mapserver etc. Being morphix based, hardisk installation is simple,
so one who installs GNU/Linux from this CD is getting a good
Gis workstation!.
	Do anybody know a place where we can host our CD?
I also wish to contribute to freegis.org's freegis CD instead of
working for a seperate one (To avoid duplication of work).

Waiting for your advice,

Sajith VK <sajithvk at hotpop.com>

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