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Allan Doyle adoyle at eogeo.org
Thu Jan 8 14:51:23 CET 2004

This is one of the things I and some others have started EOGEO to work
on.  EOGEO is an NGO chartered to help other NGOs with their spatial
data, tools, etc.

You can see more about EOGEO at http://www.eogeo.org

We can help with modest hosting needs right now and when we get more
hardware/network/funding resources we can help with more.

I'll move over to the other list to discuss the specifics of hosting
CDs. I just put in a subscription request to the team list...


On Thursday, January 08 2004 at 10:16:24(+0100) Bernhard Reiter wrote:
 > Hello Sajith,
 > On Thu, Jan 08, 2004 at 02:21:38PM +0000, Sajith VK wrote:
 > > 	I am sajith vk, from India. We are working to 
 > > make a free Gis users group here and work is in progress.
 > > When we shown the power of available free Gis softwares
 > > (GRASS, thuban, mapserver etc), several persons (and even
 > > institutes) are interested.
 > Thanks for helping to spread the word!
 > It is highly appreciated.  
 > We need to get Free GIS Software into the public.
 > > 	We tried to distribute the freegis CDROM. Its good
 > > for demonstration, but AFAIK, harddisk installation is very hard.
 > It was meant to be a special subject distribution 
 > for people already having a running GNU/Linux system.
 > > So we created one based on morphix. It now contains GRASS, thuban,
 > > mapserver etc. Being morphix based, hardisk installation is simple,
 > > so one who installs GNU/Linux from this CD is getting a good
 > > Gis workstation!.
 > This is a good idea. 
 > Note that there might be a few drawbacks:
 > Morphix - just as knoppix - is likely to contain non-free software.
 > For a while Intevation started an initiative to put freedom
 > back on knoppix again. Something we call "Freie Software Knoppix".
 > Check the HTML in
 > http://intevation.de/cgi-bin/viewcvs-misc.cgi/freie_software_knoppix/
 > If you give out a live CD, you basically need to have the source
 > for it ready on request. At least for the parts that are under the GNU GPL.
 > This became a stumbling block when we wanted to create such a CD.
 > In order to be able to distribute it, Intevation would need to produce
 > the source CDs for it right away. 
 > Harddisk installation of knoppix usually leaves you with a Debian
 > GNU/Linux system which is in a non-upgradable status.
 > Thus those users will make a bad experiences with Debian
 > if they try to maintain that installation over time.
 > So installation as a real system on disk is easy but has those drawbacks.
 > A third thing is the data. We made a demo version of a Free GIS CD
 > called taran, but lacked data like a scanned background basemap,
 > DEM, vector information and an airial photo for the same area 
 > to actually being able to demonstrate the software.
 > > 	Do anybody know a place where we can host our CD?
 > So far we also did not find a place to host CDs of the 
 > Freie Software Knoppix.
 > > I also wish to contribute to freegis.org's freegis CD instead of
 > > working for a seperate one (To avoid duplication of work).
 > We certainly should join forces on this one.
 > I believe https://intevation.de/mailman/listinfo/team
 > could be a place to discuss this in details.
 > The GAV (German Grass User Association) probably is also intested
 > in this. They over time started to try to collect a few complete
 > data sets for those purposes.
 > 	Bernhard
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