[Freegis-list] Free Gis CDROM

Sajith VK sajithvk at hotpop.com
Fri Jan 9 19:40:01 CET 2004

	The best thing I found in morphix is that We can create
a cuctom Morphix CD from a debian installation. So we can install
woody to our hard disk, add extra Gis application into it, customise
it as we need, and then we can create a Gis morphix from it. In this
case "non-free softwares in morphix" is not an issue.
	Only thing we need to do is to remove nvdia driver, which is
easy. All the packages by morphix team like "morphix installer" 
are in GPL. But still we need to be careful to remove all non-free
packages in our distribution.

On വെ, 2004-01-09 at 11:33, Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> This problem is that there are doubts 
> whether the morphix teams has the experience to do this.

At least they are willing to do so. So we, the free software community,
should help them.

> Yes. 
> As Markus points out, we might choose a completely different,
> but interesting data set. It certainly makes a lot of sense
> to use data which is close to the region (at least from the continent).
Hi, I am from India 

Sajith VK <sajithvk at hotpop.com>

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