[Freegis-list] Open Source Software and Leitfaden für kommunale GIS-Einsteiger

Garand Michel.Garand at frankfurt-oder.de
Wed Mar 17 12:18:52 CET 2004


I just finished reading the Handbook "Leitfaden für kommunale
GIS-Einsteiger" published by the Bayerische 
Finanzministerium with the Bayerischen Vermessungsverwaltung, the kommunalen

Spitzenverbände in Bayern (Gemeinde-, Städte- und Landkreistag), as well as
the Runde 
Tisch GIS e.V. an der Technischen Universität München.

see http://www.gis-leitfaden.de

Under  Chapter 3 GIS-Technologie there is a section on Open Source Software.

I was quite happy to see that the publishers have included a section on OSS.
However after reading this section I was quite upset. As I looked at the
list of publishers and people (experts?)  who worked so hard to publish a
much needed and such a usefull book for german speeking city and county
adminsitrations, I said to myself if this is all they have to say about OSS,
either the OSS community have a lot of work to do, to get the message
across, or the public administration and scientific institutes behind this
book are realy in a pitifull state.

I don't think I have to argue about the potential and advantages of OSS in
context of the public administration reform in this news group, but I would
be interested to hear other peoples ideas on this matter.

Thank you and best regards

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