[Freegis-list] automated mapping

Jean-Denis Giguere jdenisgiguere at fastmail.fm
Wed Mar 31 17:04:22 CEST 2004


I'm student at Sherbrooke University and I'm working on a open source 
desktop for students in geomatic based on Mandrake. I would like to know 
what software do you use for automated mapping.

Since I'm at the very beginning of my work, I'm really open to any 

The first target audience will be people studying geomatic in graduate 
and undergraduate level. They have knowledge in computer science 
(programming and database managing), but haven't yet work with linux nor 
command line programs.

Usability is very important for transition, but functionnality will 
become quickly more important since they must do professionnal work with it.

Thanks a lot,


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