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Martin Wegmann mailinglist2_wegmann at web.de
Wed Nov 3 17:54:17 CET 2004

Hello Paolo, 

On Wednesday 03 November 2004 15:53, Paolo Cavallini wrote:
> Hi all.
> Is anybody aware of a comparison between a free software and the commercial
> equivalent? I am thinking especially of:

I am not aware of a book which targeted a real comparison of GRASS and ArcInfo 
but a book by Wadsworth and Treweek, Geographical Information Systems for 
Ecology. Addison Wesley Longman (1999) compared GRASS, ArcInfo and ... IdRisi 
(?) for GIS usage (ecology related). 

it is not 100% what you are looking for but perhaps a nice start, cheers 

> and
> PostgreSQL+PostGIS+GEOS vs Oracle+Spatial
> I suspect in several respects free software is just better (not only
> cheaper and/or ethically better), and it would be good to show this with
> real examples.
> All the best.
> pc

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