[Freegis-list] Seeking free software WMS client

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at ccgis.de
Tue Nov 16 19:47:01 CET 2004

Roland G. wrote:

> Arnulf Christl wrote:
>> Hi,
>> version 1.0.1 of the Mapbender framework has been added to the FreeGIS 
>> site some time ago. Its a server side PHP/JavaScript HTML web front 
>> end for WMS, WTS, some WFS and supports user, GUI and project 
>> management. The currently available stable version is 2.0. In the 
>> development version we have added SLD to the data model and already 
>> support some 
> Yes, I had already found Mapbender in the FreeGIS site. It looks very 
> good, in fact, of all the clients I have examined I think it is one of 
> the best if not the best.

Many thanx for the comment, you humble us. Hope we can keep up to the 

> I suppose the SLD will be usable trough the webclient also?

We have not yet implemented a generic color picker, width selecion, etc. 
We believe that it will depend heavily on the semantics of the data. 
We'll continue this thread on the Mapbender user list, if you don't mind.

> Which institutions are actively developing MapBender nowadays?

The companies CCGIS, terrestris, KARTA.GO, M&G Ingenieure, the data 
center KRZ Minden-Ravensberg/Lippe, and the on and off freelance 
programmer. It is beeing *used* by some of the larger proprietary GIS 
companies to test and integrate their services together with competitors 
as it is vendor independent. Unexplicably there has been no return flow 
on that one though...
It boils down to three core developers and 6 working part time on 
extensions, two people working part time on the docs and tutorials, two 
admins straightening all the many services and helping with 
installations around it here in Germany. I don't know about any 
international developers, except one guy in Australia, therefore a lot 
of internal disussion is still going on in German. This shouldn't 
prevent anybody from joining in, we also talk some English.
There are around 50 customers worldwide that I know of who largely just 
use the software. The old version 1.4 has been translated to 6 languages 
including a Chinese interface.

Best regards,

> Roland G.
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Arnulf B. Christl

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