[Freegis-list] shape file with gen2shp

Ken Waters Ken.Waters at noaa.gov
Wed Nov 24 18:52:32 CET 2004


I use this application on both Win XP as well as Linux to create
shapefiles.  To properly use this program you need to have ESRI
"gen"-format files to use as input.  Examples can be found on the
gen2shp webpage (http://www.intevation.de/~jan/gen2shp).  I wrote a Perl
program which put my geographic information into the gen format.  Pretty
much all the information you need (including binary downloads) can be
found on the webpage noted above.  You'll probably have to write some
custom code as I did to produce the gen-format files unless you're just
doing this as a one-time shot and edit the text file by hand (ugh..).

One warning...on the webpage above there's discussion about loading the
"dbf" files using txt2dbf.  I'm not sure if this application is
available for Windows.  I was able to build "txt2dbf" on a Linux box and
use it there to load attributes into the "dbf" file.  For Windows I've
been able to build shapefiles using just "gen2shp" without loading the
"dbf" files.  This works fine for -most- GIS programs such as AV 3.1 and
9.0 (but -not- ArcIMS!).

Hope this helps.


David Muriu wrote:

>  Please tell me how to make a shape file using gen2shp program in
> Windows O/S.
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