[Freegis-list] shape file with gen2shp

Jan-Oliver Wagner jan at intevation.de
Thu Nov 25 09:34:11 CET 2004

On Wed, Nov 24, 2004 at 10:27:07PM -1000, Ken Waters wrote:
> I believe I tried that route already.  I think the problem may have been 
> that I couldn't find the shapelib C library compiled for Windows.  I 
> looked for Windows binaries for the shapelib library but didn't find 
> them.  Your documentation points to a URL 
> (http://gdal.velocet.ca/projects/shapelib/index.html) for the required 
> shapefile C library.  I get a dead link when I try to access this URL.  
> I think that was why I gave up before and tried the 'gen2shp' option.  
> Is there another location for this library?

All gdal realted stuff went to www.gdal.org.
However, shapelib is at http://shapelib.maptools.org/

> If a CPAN module can do it all, in Windows, then I'm on board!

And it should even be easy to do it now with python bindings.

I welcome any pointers to routines that are easier than good
old gen2shp. I will list them on the gen2shp homepage.


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