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"Height files have the extension .HGT and are signed two byte integers.
bytes are in Motorola "big-endian" order with the most significant byte
directly readable by systems such as Sun SPARC, Silicon Graphics and
DEC Alpha and most PCs use Intel ("little-endian") order so some
may be necessary. Heights are in meters referenced to the WGS84 geoid.
voids are assigned the value -32768."

You're going to need to do some processing before you can use these


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Hi folks,

I'm downloading SRTM NASA ziped files from=20 but I saw that I don't=20
know this file format(.hgt)

runnig "gdalinfo" one .hgt file I only got:

ERROR 4: `N01W050.hgt' not recognised as a supported file format.

GDALOpen failed - 4
`N01W050.hgt' not recognised as a supported file format.

Or my GDAL tools is missing something?

Is there any free software that can read this files?


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