[Freegis-list] Looking for GIS expert

Philipp Wassibauer scalar at c-a.at
Thu Oct 6 11:45:05 CEST 2005


I am starting up a new Community Portal using Google Maps API. I have a 
team to do the CMS and the Google Maps Hacking, but I still need a GIS 
expert for implementation and consulting of parts of the project. A good 
background in technologies like:  PostGIS, GDAL, OGR, OPENEV, MapServer 
etc. is obligatory. It would also be good if you live in or close to 

my contact info:
Philipp Wassibauer
email: philipp [at] c-a [dot] at
tel: +43 (0)650 59 500 59

Thanks for any feedback,

Philipp Wassibauer

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