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lehmann@fh-nuertingen.de lehmann at fh-nuertingen.de
Tue Oct 18 11:55:15 CEST 2005

I'm searching for a swf-GIS application that could read esri-shapefiles,
images and build the swf-File.

It should be not a server-side mapping solution - the client should be
able to build the swf-files and put them onto the server.

I was playing a little bit around with php and ming, in my opinion this
could be the way.

Because I need to display fairly large rasterdata as well (images) this
data should be tilled an only loaded if it could be seen in the window (or better, just
one step before a preload...? - only thinking...).

Has anyone done this already or some hints for me?


Dieter Lehmann
Business Economics Environment University, 
Nuertingen - Geislingen

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