[Freegis-list] gvSIG v0.4.1 available.

Mario Carrera carrera_marrod at gva.es
Wed Oct 26 12:16:32 CEST 2005

gvSIG v0.4.1 available.

gvSIG version 0.4.1 available. This release fixed some bugs detected by our
users in the last published version. This version is an partial update for the
current 0.4 version. It is also available in the gvSIG's download web page.

Solved a problem accessing to some WMS and WCS servers, and also some problems
with MrSID files: when the files contains only one band then they were not
correctly visualized, and after some zooms any bugs appeared en a pixel.

To the set of file formats that gvSIG can read, now the jpg2000 has to be added.
This format was unreadable before.

Since this version, it is possible to open with gvSIG any of the image formats
without this image be georeferenced.

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