[Freegis-list] OrbisCAD 1.0, the community cartography editor has been released

Silke Reimer Silke.Reimer at intevation.de
Fri Mar 10 11:00:36 CET 2006

Hi Fernando,

On Thu, Mar 09, 2006 at 03:59:45PM +0100, Fernando González Cortés wrote:
> OrbisCAD 1.0 has been released. OrbisCAD
> (http://orbiscad.sourceforge.net) is the community precise cartography
> editor which allows reading shapefiles, postGIS, DXF, DGN (7.0) and DWG
> (2000) and writing shapefiles and postGIS. It can access any vectorial
> format since it is built upon GDBMS (http://gdbms.sourceforge.net).
> OrbisCAD is a plugin driven application so it can be extended easily by
> writing plugins, creating editing tools, scripting and vectorial format
> drivers. Documentation about this can be found at the OrbisCAD site and
> there is a mailing list where all possible problems will be solved.
> It is planned to give OrbisCAD raster support through GDAL and increase
> the supported vectorial formats by integrating with OGR.

Thanks for notification about OrbisCAD. I have added it to
FreeGIS.org. Please let me now when you think something is wrong
with the entry.

It would be nice by the way to have a more prominent link to
download the sourcecode. I only found it directly on the sourceforge
download section but not linked on the download section of your

Many greetings,


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