[Freegis-list] Free gis project: Geotools2 + Geoserver+PostGis

Fernando Zuriaga fzuriaga at gmail.com
Fri Mar 10 13:28:36 CET 2006

Hi!, I am working (long time ago) in a web page that integrate
Geotools (inside an applet),Geoserver WFS and Postgis database. I want
to create a virtual GIS village that is a copy of the real village,
using a GIS as a background engine. The work is still in progress
(about 5%), but you can see a small part of the project in the
following page:
http://ferzurcal.homelinux.com . I make three users for test: inv1
(password equals),inv2 and inv3. You only can enter to the web page if
nobody are logged yet with this user.
I must sign the applet and all the libraries that use in order to
execute the applet, the internet explorer ask you to allow the
execution. It requeries Java 1.5 and JAI to run. The first access is
very very slow because all the libraries must be loaded, and I have
only 150Kbytes upstream conection.
You can move your user into the map, and talk with other users that
are logged. The cartography is loaded/unloaded dinamic when you move
your user....
All you can see in this page is made with free tools and apis:

fzuriaga at gmail.com

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