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See also the translators and tools provided at GISuser.com - free tools
section - there's about 500 apps (translators etc...) listed

PS: those geocomm translators are pretty old by now (I know as I put
them there about 7 years ago before I jumped ship!)



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> > Hi folks,
> > 
> > I have a CAD line layer describing the limits of a soil map. It's a 
> > line layer because the first need was for printing only.
> > 
> > Now I need to put this soil map as a polygon into a GIS dataset.
> > 
> > Does anybody recommend any free gis tool that could be 
> usefull to do 
> > that?
> Hi Eduardo,
> I haven't tried it, but I believe GRASS has some capabilities 
> in this area, once you convert the CAD data to a supported format.
> You could try PostGIS, if you can get your data into a 
> postgis table somehow, there are commands to do this. 
> For an Open Source (Windows) tool to do the conversion to 
> shapefile, try 
> http://www.happysquirrel.com/index.php?feature=dxf2shp
>   or see
> http://software.geocomm.com/translators/cad-dxf/
> In PostGIS, see

The functions polygonize, makepolygon & buildarea can probably do what
you want.

You may also find something useful at 



  Brent Wood

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