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Updated by: markus (2006-08-12 00:11:05)

Homepage:        http://grass.itc.it/
Version:         6.1.0

A new technology preview version 6.1.0 of GRASS GIS is being released today. This feature release adds hundreds of new features as well as support for the latest GIS data formats. The 3D raster (voxel) support has been greatly enhanced. A new graphical GIS manager and menu system has been implemented. The NVIZ visualization tool has been enhanced to display 3D vector data and voxel volumes and supports the creation of on-the-fly MPEG animations. Substantial message translation (i18n) with support for FreeType fonts, including multi-byte Asian characters was added.

GRASS GIS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System)
is a Free Software Geographical Information System (GIS)
with raster, topological vector, image processing,
volume voxel management/visualization,
2D/3D vector engine with vector network analysis
and graphics production functionality that operates on
various platforms through shell and a graphical user interface.

Books about GRASS:<br>
<a href="http://mpa.itc.it/grassbook2/">Open Source GIS: A GRASS GIS Approach</a>
  by Markus Neteler and Helena Mitasova (2004)

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