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Updated by: bjoern (2007-01-26 22:51:30)

Homepage:        http://openmap.bbn.com/
Version:         4.6.3

Updates from 4.6 to 4.6.3

OpenMap is a Java Beans based toolkit for building
  applications and applets needing geographic information.
  Using OpenMap components, you can access data from legacy
  applications, in-place, in a distributed setting.
  At its core, OpenMap is a set of Swing components
  that understand geographic coordinates. These components
  help you show map data, and help you handle user input
  events to manipulate that data.
  OpenMap comes with built-in support for VPF (including
  VMAP and DCW), RPF (including CADRG and CIB), DTED
  (levels 0, 1 and some distributions of 2), Shape, Nexrad
  and MIF.
  It can process raster (like ETOPO) and vector data.

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