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Updated by: markus (2007-11-30 15:09:22)

Homepage:        http://grass.itc.it/
Version:         Stable: 6.2.3; Development: 6.3.x

A new bugfix version of GRASS GIS has been released today. This release fixes a number of bugs discovered in the 6.2.2 source code. It is primarily for stability purposes and adds minimal new features. Besides bug fixes it also includes a number of new message translations and updates for the help pages and projection database. Highlights include further maturation of the GRASS 6 GUI, vector, and database code. Some improvements have been backported from the GRASS 6.3 development branch where new development continues at a strong pace of approximately one code commit every hour, including major work on an all new cross-platform wxPython GUI and a native MS Windows port.

GRASS GIS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System)
is a Free Software Geographical Information System (GIS)
with raster, topological vector, image processing,
volume voxel management/visualization,
2D/3D vector engine with vector network analysis
and graphics production functionality that operates on
various platforms through shell and a graphical user interface.

Books about GRASS:<br>
<a href="http://www.grassbook.org/">Open Source GIS: A GRASS GIS Approach</a> by Markus Neteler and Helena Mitasova (2007) with OSGeo Edu data set download

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