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Updated by: michael (2011-01-16 15:19:31)

Homepage:        http://www.kflog.org/
Version:         2.2.0

new Version, previous was 2.1.0. New features: Support for our updated terrain and ground map files amd OpenAir airspace files * support for the WELT2000 airfield database. Improvements: flight evaluation * logger communication * support for the Cambridge 302 flight recorder. Added URL for screenshots.

A soaring-pilot-software for KDE. It is used to display, analyze and evaluate flights logged with a gps-logger.
     Different values of a flight-point can be displayed in the map, like altitude, cycling, speed and vario.
     There is a maproom-page where you can download Aeronautical,
     Ground- and terrain- and additional data for maps.

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