GREAT-ER catchement pre-processing comments

Frederik Verdonck frederik.verdonck at
Wed Apr 10 16:12:17 CEST 2002

Hi Jan,

Jan wrote:

> I started working on the improved GREAT-ER catchment pre-processing
> routine.
> Since you have done this processing yourself, it would be nice
> to get some feedback on problems, hints on what can be done better etc.
> Pleas feel free to distribute you thoughts on the mailing list
> if you like or send it directly to me.

Some suggestions:
- Addition of 'untreated discharges' as a separate type of discharge: in 
the Rupel basin, I had to consider untreated discharges as 'fake' WWTP 
with fraction treated set to 0.
- Possibility to run the pre-processing routine under Windows platform
- Error messages may become more explanatory (I remember I had to mail 
you guys from time to time because certain error messages were not clear 
to me).

Most of the time, my work on the Rupel basin implementation was absorbed 
in the pre-pre-processing :-) so the pre-processing routine works fine.

Good luck,

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