Error messages in GREAT-ER when trying to run a simulation

Jan-Oliver Wagner jan at
Mon Jun 16 10:55:11 CEST 2003

Hi Johan,

On Mon, Jun 16, 2003 at 09:40:45AM +0100, Johan Olanders wrote:
> When running a simulation of my newly implemented catchment the simulation
> stops and I get (loads of) error messages:
> ____________________________________________________________________________
> ______
> Program Error: simule.exe has generated errors and will be closed down by
> windows
> Error in start-up script Ends with: The process cannot access the file
> because it is being used by another process. While executing "exec [index
> $argv 2]" (file "c:\programs\greater/tcl/startbat.tcl"line 13)
> Followed by Warning: No unit information available! ......
> And Error: Segmentation violation!
> ------------------------------------------------------------------

Some initial questions:

Which GREAT-ER version are you using?
Which version of the pre-processing are you using (version or CVS HEAD)?
Did you set OUT-VERSION to 1.0 for the pre-processing?

> When I run GREAT-ER with another catchment it seems to work okay.
> Is it possible that errors in the predefined data files used in the
> pre-processing steps can propagate to the finished data set?
> (The pre-processing check and run went okay.)

The pre-processing check can not detect all problems, it primarily
checks for correct syntax.

> Is there other solutions then redoing the whole generation of the
> pre-defined data files? (I'm starting to have a time problem...)

I don't know what the problem might be. However, usually it comes
to just re-doing the pre-processing. And thats exactly why
the pre-processing is fully automatic :-)

You may send me (directly, not via the list) the source
files of the pre-processing so
that I can mave a quick glance on them. Maybe I find the problem


Jan-Oliver Wagner     

Intevation GmbH	          

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