Complexity modes in GREAT-ER

Johan Olanders pejo20 at
Wed Jun 25 14:39:39 CEST 2003

Finally I have, since a couple of days with Jan-Oliver's help, got the River
Ouse, Sussex, UK working and the initial results for the oestrogens I'm
modelling make sense!

Now I have some questions about complexity modes!
Is it possible to run GREAT-ER with different complexity modes for Sewer,
WWTP and River? I had planned to run GREAT-ER with complexity mode 2 for the
River and keep the Sewer and WWTP in complexity mode 1. (Seems as

What does the "Impose default complexity mode" option do?

As far as I can see in complexity mode 2 and 3 for the river there is no way
of taking sorption to bed sediments direct from the water column into
account. (i.e. the equilibrium water concentration - bed sediments
concentration.) Is there a work around? Do anyone now if this will be
possible in GREAT-ER 2?

Thanks, Johan

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