[Thuban-list] shapelib

Ingo Wichmann wichmann at uni-wuppertal.de
Tue Dec 10 20:22:58 CET 2002

Bernhard Herzog schrieb:
>>I've now installed thuban along with pyshapelib.
> Note that a separate installation of pyshapelib isn't necessary for
> Thuban as it contains a copy of it and the relevant shapelib files.

OK, i can open the shapefile, thanks for your help.

In the session tree i can see the data table. But it can not be 
displayed. In the dialog-box for the projection i can only choose UTM. 
 From what i understand proj4dialog.py does not allow other projetctions.

In grass my projection is
proj:    tmerc
ellps:   bessel

Is there a way to display this data anyhow? Maybe by editing the 
configuration-file of thuban directly?

Ingo Wichmann

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