[Thuban-list] shapelib

Ingo Wichmann wichmann at uni-wuppertal.de
Wed Dec 11 22:12:09 CET 2002

Jan-Oliver Wagner schrieb:
>>In the session tree i can see the data table. But it can not be 
> there is a menu item Layer->Show Table.
> This should open a window with the attribute table of
> the currently active Layer.
> You activate the layer by clicking
> on it in the Tree View (yes, this will be improved in later
> versions :-).

That's what i did first, so we can call this behavior user friendly :-)
The Layer 'strasse' has the following attributes:
Shapes: 2928
Extent (lat-lon): (3.40163e+06,5.68677e+06,3.41252e+06,5.70506e+06)
Shapetype: Arc
Fill: None
Outline: (0.000,0.000,0.000)

The coordinates given by the statusbar go from 0,0 to 336,-65. But even 
after shifting them to around 3400000 and 5680000 i didn't find anyting.


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