[Thuban-list] future of Thuban

Yao Heling hyao at sina.com
Wed Apr 2 07:51:51 CEST 2003

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Hello all,

I like thuban very much and thanks for the efforts.

I have a few questions regarding thuban:
1. shouldn't there be a select tool? All I can come up with now is to
used the identify tool, which brings up the dialog, which users may not
2. I remeber there were talkings about the use of ogr instead of
shapelib on the list, how' that going? As I plan to learn/use OGR
myself, I may be of some help if ogr is used;
3. As I understand, thuban is GIS viewer as describled on the website;
but I believe an advanced viewer would have some basic spatial analysis
capabilities incoporated, is that planned for thuban? at least the
infrastructure should be there for users to add needed functionalities,
such as buffer analysis, overlay analysis etc.
4. When I've selected a polygon in thuban, everything (zoom, pan etc.)
becomes extremely slow; is it because Python is not up to the task; an
algorithm issue? maybe we should consider using numpy?
5. If thuban is to use ogr and numpy, it would look like openev a lot?
maybe some ideas could be borrowed from openev?
6. license issue: since thuban's license is GPL, some users may feel it
too restricted; is an license change to LGPL possible? (openev is LGPL)

Just want to get your opinions on these issues, and

Thanks in advance

Joseph H. Yao

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