[Thuban-list] Re: translation of thuban

Bernhard Herzog bh at intevation.de
Wed Apr 16 12:09:30 CEST 2003

"Daniel Calvelo Aros" <dcalvelo at minag.gob.pe> writes:

> I did some search for integration of gettext with distutils but found
> nothing. Do you know if anybody is working on that (Martin von Loewis,
> maybe)?

No. I googled a bit to and it seems that MvL is in favor of adding
gettext to distutils but I've seen nothing to indicate that somebody is
actually working on this.

> It would imply including pygettext and msgfmt.py into the
> standard library, I guess...

That seems to be the best way to make sure that adding gettext support
to distutils will be easy enough. I'll post something about this to
Python's I18N-SIG mailing list. Maybe it's possible to get pygettext and
msgfmt into the standard library before Python 2.3.

> > The reason is that Thuban can be used as a library
> > to build other applications on top of (which we do in GREAT-ER) and a
> > library should not modify the __builtin__ namespace otherwise it could
> > interfere with the application which could also want to call
> > gettext.install.
> Right. But isn't thuban.py-the-exe an application using
> Thuban-the-library as its main module?

More or less.

> Or do you mean Thuban-the-library is Lib+Model, not UI?

The UI is part of the library. GREAT-ER
(http://great-er.intevation.org/) for instance uses much of the code in
UI too but among other things it replaces the menu almost completely
with its own commands and it has quite a few great-er specific dialogs
and even some special tools. Nevertheless it reuses most of the
mainwindow, the canvas and most of the Thuban dialogs for projections,
tables, etc.


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