[Thuban-list] Translations for Thuban. Was: Thuban 1.0rc1 released

Bernhard Herzog bh at intevation.de
Thu Dec 4 16:07:27 CET 2003

Maurizio Napolitano <napo at itc.it> writes:

> A computer is based on a RedHat 9.0 and is a Intel P4 2.4 Ghz with 1Ghz
> of RAM.
> I have "compiled" Thuban from the source. The program work but the
> command to change the color of a shape by "class" (range or class) is
> disable.

Which command do you mean exactly? The "Properties..." command in the
layer menu? That one is only available when a layer is selected. Click
in a layer in the legend window to select it.

> On another computer (my laptop) with a Mandrake 9.2 (Intel P4 Mobile
> 2.2Ghz and 512Mb ram) if have compiled Thuban from the source (i have'nt
> used the RPM for RH) and the result is a "core dump" if i try to load
> some ESRI Shape file.

This kind of segfault usually comes from a binary incompatibility
between Thuban, wxWindows and wxPython. One possible cause is that the
wx-config and hence the headerfiles etc. used during Thuban compilation
is from a different wxWindows version than the one used at runtime.

> In this case i have the python binding for GDAL and the psycopg but the
> command for the "Database connection" is broken.

Does the About-box show a version for psycopg?


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