[Thuban-list] error on execution

Bernhard Herzog bh at intevation.de
Wed Jul 30 17:04:02 CEST 2003

"Jonathan Giorgio Ghellere" <jonathan at ecosconsult.com.br> writes:

> When I try to execute the thuban.py, the following error occurs.
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "./thuban.py", line 11, in ?
>     import Thuban
>   File "./Thuban/__init__.py", line 20, in ?
>     _translation = translation("thuban", _message_dir, fallback = 1)
> TypeError: translation() got an unexpected keyword argument 'fallback'
> Someone knows what is going on that ?
> RedHat 7.3 
> I instaled the Python 2.2.

As the download page says, Thuban needs Python 2.2.1. In 2.2 the
translation function does not have the fallback parameter which Thuban

Another reason Thuban requires 2.2.1 is that that's the oldest release
that has the True and False builtins which are used in Thuban in some

Later 2.2.x releases should also work. I'm not sure about the brand new
2.3 but there were some problems when I tried Thuban with one of the


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