[Thuban-list] Roadmap for Thuban development

Jan-Oliver Wagner jan at intevation.de
Wed Jun 11 15:31:47 CEST 2003


you will find attached the roadmap for Thuban as it is
planned by the current development team.

It is our aim to get Thuban out of the door with 1.0
quickly since we think it is already a very helpful tool.

Any comments welcome.

I will also incorporate the page
into the Thuban site.

Note for translators: there is a 2-weeks timeslot for the translations.
Hope you feel comfortable with it. However, it is no problem
to start a couple of weeks earlier - the changes should be
not too extensive from that time on.


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Detailed Roadmap Thuban

- set priority of all bugs for 0.8 to >70, all bugs for 0.9 >50
  by 13-June-2003

0.8: "TRACLiP-Release: Tables/Raster/Automatic Classes/Legend/
	improved Projections"
	Release Date: 20-June-2003
	- add "Export selected" in TableView
	- remove bugs set to priority > 70
	- stabilize raster support (eg. does not work on ppc)
	- gdal optional
	- add Logo/Icon for Thuban
    - implement handling of table information in .thuban-file
	- add patched wxPython Library Dlg

- extensive testing of TRACLiP

0.9: "SFSQL-Release"
	Release Date: 20-July-2003
	- remove bugs set to > 50
	- Where to store private projection file on Windows?
	- shapelib 1.2.10 + discard SWIG
	- integrate OGC SFSQL for PostGIS
	- what about SFSQL for Oracle, DB2?
	- GUI Test-Protocol
	- First version of english Manual
	- Thuban/data for data-related stuff
	- finalize code quality/API changes
	- complete unit tests
	- map-canvas: separate GUI
	- better infrastructure for messages
	- catch exceptions and inform in special dialog
	- web-form for bug-tracker
	- unit tests: add generation of reports 

- extensive testing of SFSQL 

- set priority of all bugs for 1.0 to > 50

1.0rc1: Release Date: 20-August-2003
	- remove all bugs with priority > 50
	- final english Manual

1.0rc2: Release Date: 5-September-2003
    - perform translations de, fr, es
	- remove bugs of 1.0rc1

1.0: Release date: 20-September-2003
    - Feature list:
	  - Legend
	  - Table-Management (Join, Query)
	  - Data-Sources:
	  	- Shapefiles
	  	- Raster Support
	  	- SF SQL for PostGIS
		- DBF-Tables
		- CSV-Tables
	  - Class Generator
	  - Projection Management
	  - Multi-Language support

1.2: Release date: 2004
	- SQL-Queries in TableView
	- Legend: context Menu via right mouse button
	- OGR-support
	- support of annotation layers
	- SFSQL for Oracle Spatial, DB2, MySQL
	- Configuration Dialog (Preferences)
	- multi-object selection on map

   - Movable Labels
   - Symbols/Fill Patterns
   - Table-Management: support for editing
   - Improved Printing (cartography)
   - Export to: SVG, MapServer .map-file
   - Save layer in different formats (optional: in projected coords)
   - Transparency
   - Antialiasing

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