[Thuban-list] Thuban 0.8.0 Released

Jonathan Coles jonathan at intevation.de
Thu Jun 26 10:27:39 CEST 2003

 Thuban 0.8.0 Released

After quite a few months since 0.2.0, I'm pleased to announce that
the next release of Thuban, version 0.8.0, is finally here!

There are lots of new features to explore. Here's an overview:

- Projection Management
  The new projection dialog makes it possible to import, export,
  create and select projections which can then be applied to 
  layers and maps.

- Automatic Classification Generation
  The tedious work of adding new groups to a classification is
  greatly simplied with this new tool. Classificatons can be
  generated using uniform distributions, unique values, or 
  quantiles. The visual properties (e.g. line width, line color,
  and fill color) are also adjusted according to predefined 
  color schemes, or a custom scheme.

- Image Layers
  Images that are supported by GDAL (e.g. GeoTIFF) can
  be added to Thuban as layers. They then behave just as layers
  do and can be raised, lowered, and even projected.

- Table Joins
  Independent tables can be opened with Thuban and joined with
  other tables. The results can then be exported or treated just
  as any other table in the session.

- Table Queries
  The table view has a new query function which allows shapes to
  be selected based on certain criteria which their fields match.
  Results from a query are highlighted both in the table and in 
  the map. Queries can also be refined with other search criteria.

- Legend
  The legend provides a more user-friendly face to the session tree
  (which is still available). It displays each layer along with any
  classification. The layers can be raised, lowered, shown, or 
  hidden through the toolbar on the legend. A layer's properties
  are accessible by double-clicking a layer or selecting the 
  properties button.

- Improved Printing
  Maps are framed and printed with the legend and scalebar.

- Export under Windows
  On Windows platforms maps can be exported to Enhanced Meta-File   



Please submit bug reports here:

Thanks to everyone who helped make this release possible.



 Jonathan Coles                                jonathan at intevation.de
 Intevation GmbH                             http://www.intevation.de
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