[Thuban-list] Generating Classifications

Jonathan Coles jonathan at intevation.de
Wed Mar 26 15:13:36 CET 2003

Now that the initial work on the Legend is complete I'm going to go back
and work on some missing features from the classification dialogs.
Although it is possible to enter classification data in manually, it
takes far too long.

I'll be focusing this week and next on building some dialogs which allow
the user to generate simple classifications based on the data in layer's
table. The idea is that the user can select from predefined schemes
which affect line color and thickness or define their own (although
initially this will be limited to selecting a starting and ending
color/line thickness).

My current ideas for schemes include false-color, ocean (blues, greens),
fire (oranges, yellows, reds), natural (browns, greens).

How the schemes work will also depend on the type of data that a
particular field represents. If the field is of type 'string' then you
shouldn't be allowed to select a range of data values (but a list may
make sense). 

The user should be able to request that the program analyse the field
values in all the records to determine information such as the domain,
but the user should also be able to enter this information in manually,
either because the table is really large or simply to restrict the

If anyone has ideas about this, such as schemes they would like to see
available or general comments, please feel free to send them to the
mailing list.


Jonathan Coles
Intevation GmbH
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