[Thuban-list] Problems displaying layers created by shapelib

Dan Putler putler at commerce.ubc.ca
Sat Mar 29 19:35:09 CET 2003


I have been involved in a project to create a open source postal address 
geocoder.  We use the Frank Warmerdam's shapelib library for both 
reading a reference vector street map (with address ranges), and writing 
out a point map with each geocoded address.  We are currently testing 
whether what programs can actually read and display the layers we have 
created.  Thuban seems to have problems displaying these maps. 
Specifically, the layers window displays the appropriate information for 
the map.  However, the display window just freezes.  Across open source 
map viewers and simple GIS map editors we have tried, we find that we 
can display these layers in OpenEV and GIS Toolkit Editor, but not 
Thuban and DeeGree.  In addition, we have no problems with them in 
either ArcView or ArcExplorer.  My question is have others run into 
problems displaying shapefile layers created with shapelib in Thuban.

For the Thuban development team, I'd be glad to send you one of the 
layers created by our program for you to look at.


Dan Putler
UBC Commerce
Email: putler at commerce dot ubc dot ca
Phone: 604-822-8329

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