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Jonathan Coles jonathan at intevation.de
Tue May 13 14:37:24 CEST 2003

On Mon, 2003-05-12 at 20:26, Fidel wrote:
> i need cl.exe to build thuban from cvs in windows xp, and i have 2 cuestions:
> 1 where can i get cl.exe?

I believe you can find a free copy as part of the .NET Framework 1.1.
Click this link and then the Developers link to download it.


I haven't actually used this so I can't say if it will work. Also, note
that the compiler is restricted from optimizing the code.

Although, we use gcc on our GNU/Linux systems, we've never tried
compiling Thuban with gcc on Windows. If you'd like to look into that,
that could be an alternative to cl.exe

> 2 i belive that cl.exe is not free software ... can we compile with it and still be free?

If you compile with cl.exe you are still allowed to distribute the
results as you like, so if that means licensing it under a Free Software
License there is no problem.


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