[Thuban-list] Some bugs on Mac OS X

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Sun Dec 19 11:57:18 CET 2004

Hi Lorenzo,

On Fri, Dec 17, 2004 at 05:13:22PM +0100, Lorenzo Moretti wrote:
>    I have built a Thuban for Mac OS X under Aqua (not Darwin) but there
>    are some bugs.

>    See the screenshot at:
>    http://wwwamb.bologna.enea.it/forgrass/files/thuban_osx.jpg

It is good news that you have made it work!

This obviously mean I can close your report 
RT#2616 "Shape files are not displayed", can't I?  ;)

Can you give use some details about the various version numbers?
Usually you would ust just copy and paste the about dialog information,
but as you report below, this does not seem to work for you. :(

>    - The bar (zoom in, zoom  out, etc) is missing (see the screenshot): I
>    can only select these features from Map Menu (Mappa in Italian);

Might be a wxWidgets problem, do you have similiar difficulties with 
the demo applications from wxWidgets? If yes, then they probably like
a bug report about this. If not, we need to get into the details.

>    - if I select Info from Help menu (Aiuto in Italian) I have this error
>    Si è verificata una eccezione non prevista:
>    encode() argument 1 must be string, not None
>    (per piacere segnala l'errore a
>    http://thuban.intevation.org/bugtracker.html)
>    Traceback (most recent call last):
>      File "/usr/local/lib/thuban/Thuban/UI/mainwindow.py", line 284, in
>    invoke_command
>        command.Execute(self.Context())
>      File "/usr/local/lib/thuban/Thuban/UI/command.py", line 121, in
>    Execute
>        apply(self.function, (context,) + self.args + args, kw)
>      File "/usr/local/lib/thuban/Thuban/UI/mainwindow.py", line 1002, in
>    call_method
>        apply(getattr(context.mainwindow, methodname), args)
>      File "/usr/local/lib/thuban/Thuban/UI/mainwindow.py", line 479, in
>    About
>        dlg = About(self)
>      File "/usr/local/lib/thuban/Thuban/UI/about.py", line 40, in
>    __init__
>        developers = [ 'Jonathan Coles',
>      File "/usr/local/lib/thuban/Thuban/UI/about.py", line 169, in
>    unicodeToLocale
>        return unicodeStr.encode(getlocale()[1])
>    TypeError: encode() argument 1 must be string, not None

Somehow getlocale() does not return a locale.
Bernhard Herzog changed that code to use getdefaultlocale() two days ago.
You can try this:
	replace getlocale with getdefaultlocale in
		the import from locale line
		the unicodeStr.encode line

>    - ImportAPR - this features is very good but I have many bugs in
>    different apr. 

Note that: importapr is still experimental because we need feedback
from users and then fix the bugs as you can see from Jan's reply.

>    Raster from GDAL
>    The external color for raster is black in OS X and it's not good for
>    viewing or  printing.

Can you submit a report to the tracker about the wish
to make the default raster color adjustable?

>    Printing from Thuban.
>    The printing quality or PDF quality in Mac OS X is very poor. The
>    lines are big like a screenshot.
>    Is this a OS X problem or Thuban-Wx-Python problem?

This is a general Thuban issue dealing with the possibilities
of wx's device context drawing possibilities.

Actually we envision to build a printing pipeline for high quality printing
with Thuban and thus only have the direct print mechanism as a kind
of fallback as long as the printing queue is not ready or in situations
when it is not available.

So for high quality printing try the route via the Thuban-Map-Svg format.
This weekend I released the svgexport extension as stable 1.0.0;
it allows to to write out an svg file that you can use with any decent
vector drawing application to create a map for high quality printing.

Markus Rechtien did a prototype implementation during his Master thesis
about this printing pipeline which is based on my design concept 
of loosely couple components.

Markus wrote a couple of script for Skencil to really make dealing
with Thuban-Map-SVGs comfortable. Polishing and nicer publication
within the Skencil project is pending.

>    PRO for Thuban
>    ---------------
>    It's very very fast in OS X for raster and vector formats.

What did you compare it with?

>    TIA
>    Great work

Thanks for taking the time evaluating Thuban and writing
down this helpful feedback.

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