[Thuban-list] Some bugs on Mac OS X

Lorenzo Moretti lorenzo.moretti at bologna.enea.it
Mon Dec 20 14:36:20 CET 2004

Hi Bernhard

>It is good news that you have made it work!
>This obviously mean I can close your report
>RT#2616 "Shape files are not displayed", can't I?  ;)

Yes it's fixed
>Can you give use some details about the various version numbers?
>Usually you would ust just copy and paste the about dialog information,
>but as you report below, this does not seem to work for you. :(
>>     - The bar (zoom in, zoom  out, etc) is missing (see the screenshot): I
>>     can only select these features from Map Menu (Mappa in Italian);
>Might be a wxWidgets problem, do you have similiar difficulties with
>the demo applications from wxWidgets? If yes, then they probably like
>a bug report about this. If not, we need to get into the details.

This is the problem in thuban but I have an idea.

I have seen the sample in WxPythonOSX and I check samples/pySketch

In terminal I enter:
% pythonw pysketch.pyw

and the program works with all icons inside the window.

Thuban usually run in Linux (GTK) and Windows 
system with menu in a floating window: in this 
window there are the icons (source mainwindow.py, 
I think). OS X is different: the menu is up not 
in a floating window and the icons are lost. 
These icons must to be in a floating window like 
a LEGEND (see LEGENDA window at 
The source is in legend.py: the normal layer 
icons are there. If I select Zoom In from Map 
menu the icon is showed at the selected window 
but normally is hide.

>  >    - if I select Info from Help menu (Aiuto in Italian) I have this error
>>     Si è verificata una eccezione non prevista:
>  >    encode() argument 1 must be string, not None
>Somehow getlocale() does not return a locale.
>Bernhard Herzog changed that code to use getdefaultlocale() two days ago.
>You can try this:
>	replace getlocale with getdefaultlocale in
>		the import from locale line
>		the unicodeStr.encode line

This bug is fixed.

Now works: this is the config

Thuban 1.1 cvs-20041219
Currently using:
	Python 2.3.0
	PySQLite 0.5.1
	SQLite 2.8.15
	psycopg 1.1.14
Compiled for:
	GTK - not available
	proj 4.4.9
	None registered.

>  >    - ImportAPR - this features is very good but I have many bugs in
>>     different apr.
>Note that: importapr is still experimental because we need feedback
>from users and then fix the bugs as you can see from Jan's reply.
>>     Raster from GDAL
>>     The external color for raster is black in OS X and it's not good for
>>     viewing or  printing.
>Can you submit a report to the tracker about the wish
>to make the default raster color adjustable?


>>     Printing from Thuban.
>>     The printing quality or PDF quality in Mac OS X is very poor. The
>>     lines are big like a screenshot.
>>     Is this a OS X problem or Thuban-Wx-Python problem?
>This is a general Thuban issue dealing with the possibilities
>of wx's device context drawing possibilities.
>Actually we envision to build a printing pipeline for high quality printing
>with Thuban and thus only have the direct print mechanism as a kind
>of fallback as long as the printing queue is not ready or in situations
>when it is not available.
>So for high quality printing try the route via the Thuban-Map-Svg format.
>This weekend I released the svgexport extension as stable 1.0.0;
>it allows to to write out an svg file that you can use with any decent
>vector drawing application to create a map for high quality printing.
>Markus Rechtien did a prototype implementation during his Master thesis
>about this printing pipeline which is based on my design concept
>of loosely couple components.
>Markus wrote a couple of script for Skencil to really make dealing
>with Thuban-Map-SVGs comfortable. Polishing and nicer publication
>within the Skencil project is pending.

I have produced a Thuban SVG file: it's OK but 
the lines are very big, more than 1 point. OK I 
can change them in my vector program but perhaps 
it's possible to write a smaller size in SVG 

>  >    PRO for Thuban
>>     ---------------
>>     It's very very fast in OS X for raster and vector formats.
>What did you compare it with?

I have seen other Free and Commercials sw and Thuban is faster.

>  >    TIA
>>     Great work
>Thanks for taking the time evaluating Thuban and writing
>down this helpful feedback.
>	Bernhard

Thank for the product

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