[Thuban-list] setting gdal path under W2k

Otto Dassau dassau at gdf-hannover.de
Wed Jan 28 13:48:04 CET 2004


probably a simple question, but I have problems to get gdal support on windows 
2000. I followed your manual, but it doesnt work for me, since I didn't set 
the PATH to gdal library, because I don't know how.

The manual says:

Extent the PYTHONPATH environment variable (in your Windows Control Panel)
to make the new libraries available for Thuban.


but using this command fails:
Error: "%PYTHONPATH% is spelled wrong or couldn't be found "

I guess, all I need is the correct command, but I don't know the answer for 
Windows. Maybe someone has an idea?

  Thanks a lot

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