[Thuban-list] setting gdal path under W2k

Frank Koormann frank.koormann at intevation.de
Wed Jan 28 14:20:27 CET 2004


* Otto Dassau <dassau at gdf-hannover.de> [040128 13:49]:
> probably a simple question, but I have problems to get gdal support on windows 
> 2000. I followed your manual, but it doesnt work for me, since I didn't set 
> the PATH to gdal library, because I don't know how.
> The manual says:
> Extent the PYTHONPATH environment variable (in your Windows Control Panel)
> to make the new libraries available for Thuban.
> %PYTHONPATH%;C:\Thuban\Lib\gdal;C:\Thuban\Lib\gdal\pymod
> but using this command fails:
> Error: "%PYTHONPATH% is spelled wrong or couldn't be found "
> I guess, all I need is the correct command, but I don't know the answer for 
> Windows. Maybe someone has an idea?

I included the %PYTHONPATH% for two reasons. First it should imply that
you have to extend your current settings and not to overwrite them.
Secondly under Win2000 or higher it might be possible (and for the PATH
definitely is the case) that the variable is already defined as a global


takes this into account while 


would overwrite other settings. However, in your case the second version
should work. The PATH should definetely be set using %PATH%;C:.....



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