[Thuban-list] usability wishes

Bernhard Herzog bh at intevation.de
Thu Mar 4 20:40:25 CET 2004

"Moritz Lennert" <mlennert at club.worldonline.be> writes:

> Hello,
> While playing around with Daniel's patches, a few usability issues have
> struck me. I list them here, but if you prefer that I file individual wish
> bugs for them, please tell me:
> In the "Colour" chooser window:

We're using the standard wxColor dialog, so we're limited to what it has
to offer, unless we want to write our own.

> - it should be possible to set the rgb values by typing the numbers, not
> only by using the slide

That would probably require a custom dialog.

> - when creating a custom color, I find it counter-intuitive that once I
> have adjusted the sliders, I have to click on "Add to custom colors"
> before clicking on OK: I often click directly on OK and then have to come
> back to recreate the color

That's probably a bug in the wxGTK color dialog.  I ran into this too
and now mostly use one of the predefined colors.  I don't have the time
at the moment to investigate this further.  There doesn't seem to be a
wx bug report about it yet.

> - custom colors should be saved from one usage to the next of the color
> chooser (or at least there should be a possibility to save custom colors -
> ideally with the possibility of creating files with custom colors which
> could then be loaded on demand)

That shouldn't be too hard to implement.  The documentation at least
suggests taht there's a way to get at the data.

> -it would be nice to extend the hsv patch to the chooser so that it is
> possible to create custom colors according to hsv values

That would probably require a custom dialog, too.

> In the "Generate Classification" window:
> - it is not resizable (I am using thuban with XFCE4 in Debian
> testing/unstable)

It's resizable for me.  However, you can only make it larger and it
really is quite tall (on my system more than 700 pixels with the custom
range).  The dialog should be reworked a bit.  May it should be a
notebook with one tab for the classes and one for the color scheme.


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