[Thuban-list] LINESTRING and PostGIS

Luiko Czub LCzub at t-online.de
Thu Mar 18 05:02:17 CET 2004

Moin Stephan,

> Dear developers,
> I am trying to access a dataset stored in Postgis which has the GEOMETRY
> I have the same geometries stored in another table with MUTLILINESTRING,
> which works perfect.

With following modification in thuban/Thuban/Model/postgisdb.py , you should
work with LINESTRINGS. 

shapetype_map = {"POLYGON": SHAPETYPE_POLYGON,
## NEW LC 250104 ADD geomtype LINESTRING
                 "LINESTRING": SHAPETYPE_ARC,
## END LC 250104 ADD geomtype LINESTRING
                 "POINT": SHAPETYPE_POINT}


Gruß Luiko Czub

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