[Thuban-list] another Thuban build error

Bernhard Herzog bh at intevation.de
Wed Mar 24 11:57:34 CET 2004

Jan-Oliver Wagner <jan at intevation.de> writes:

> On Tue, Mar 23, 2004 at 12:28:03PM +0100, Ole Benjamin Schroeder wrote:
>> Am Montag, 22. März 2004 21:10 schrieb Jan-Oliver Wagner:
>> > On Mon, Mar 22, 2004 at 12:00:28PM +0100, Ole Benjamin Schroeder wrote:
>> > > Except one thing: the attribute tables (and only the attribute tables)
>> > > are labeled in Chinese or Japanese or ... (excuse me, I cannot tell
>> > > exactly). This is not affected by changing the value of LC_ALL. Any idea
>> > > where I have to make the right language settings?
> Thanks. Anybody an idea?

The output of the locale command might be helpful.  Also, which
wx-version and since it appears to be wxGTK, which GTK version.  We've
only tested with GTK 1.2.

>> (Maybe this startup message in the shell: "Thuban start module not available" 
>> is another hint?)
> No, this is just a hint on a missing thubaninit.py.

OTOH, the message shouldn't be printed at all, I think.  Not having a
thubanstart.py module is a pretty normal situation, after all.

> It think this message should contain the path of the file
> in brackets to be more helpful.

This should be in the about-box, I think, especially if we don't print
the message on start-up.


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