[Thuban-list] Problem with recompile Thuban on Fedora Core 2

Marcin Zajączkowski mszpak at wp.pl
Sun Sep 5 16:52:27 CEST 2004


Dnia 2004-08-30 18:38, Użytkownik Silke Reimer napisał:
> I tried to build and run thuban with the packages of the the source
> that you mentioned and it doesn't work on my system either. The
> reason is probably that the wxPython and wxGTK packages are not
> binary compatible. You could try to get wxGTK and wxPython from the
> same source and get this work but perhaps you are already happy with
> thuban working with wxGTK2?!

Unfortunately on wxGTK package from www.freshrpms.net are depended few 
applications built by freshrpms. I know that I could recompile SRPM to 
work with fedora extras, but Thuban-1.0 for RedHat 7.3 works with that 
package and I can still use it. Probably in the future I'll change wxGTK 

Thanks for help

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